Monday, 24 October 2011

Please send as many of these emails as possible

I really hope this goes viral.

Template 2

I chose you
persons name
to have say in my future

The Template

I nominate

persons name

to speak on my behalf for a better future and
to decide what should be done with money in the future.

That's all you have to say and then,
inform the person you nominated-can be anyone you
 think has integrity and sanity
with the following template.

The above letter has been sent

to some of the world's top leaders-please join me in a letter and email campaign to everyone in the world, WHO WOULD YOU NOMINATE TO LEAD OUR FUTURE?, ANYONE IN THE WORLD?
What our governments lacks is the ability to listen to the wisdom of elders.
So you can nominate yourself at this stage or anyone else you consider worthy of THE COMMITTEE FOR ELDERS TO DECIDE OUR FUTURE, to direct the future of the use of money, to create a better world. It is simple. Please use the or a version of the templete below and email your governments.

Committee For Elders To Decide Our Future

Nicole Rietmann
14 Ewing St
Lismore NSW 2460
Ph. +61457244324

On behalf of the 99%; We, the people, do solemnly decree, that on this day 23/10/2011, that, We request a new form of govt., to work with the two party system devised by the Illuminati, or to replace eventually, the devised of the latter.

A planetary council of elders, elected by the people of the world, the 99% we nominate them, we choose them, 10 or any number above, to wisely, and with divine and galactic right,  lead the people of the world to a future of
·        happiness at the expense of no other,
·        safety
·        and sound, 99% selected leadership, of our home to a compassionate, accepting and enlightened future, where each citizen of earth known, as Terra-Urantia be given, at the expense of the 1%, insofar as it will be free to each participating country’s citizens, for a start, the following:
1.      FREE health care for every citizen of the world (no hidden costs)
2.      Full solar and wind turbine electricity ONLY either for a private home off grid, at this stage, FOR FREE, forever.
3.      Electric Cars-THE SELF CHARGING VARIETY, you’ve been hiding, free, to every citizen of the world, and as each child reaches the age of 16 or 18, one free electric car, from their elders, for their birthday.
4.      Free education for each citizen of the world.

IF, these conditions are met over the next ten years, in conjunction with the Bohemian Grove time line, which we hope will include no more wars and only defense, three different futures are faced, two to be avoided, most to pass if aid given. But child slavery and prostitution must be abolished. As it is an unacceptable insanity. Corruption faced. Jobs must be given back to adult men and women. May all the nations hear and join. Nations elect leaders, many elders, from all walks of life, of faultless character, to encourage the 1% to agree and join us. Leadership can be really difficult sometimes, as we understand, with the criticism and the factions that seek to vocally criticize your lives, but questionable leadership will bring nothing else, and corruption will cause it, we ALL want Heaven on earth, not sodom and gomorrah. Above is the plan to help everyone achieve this, our (the 99%) monies, have been given, in taxes, over many years in good faith, to make you rich- these monies, we no longer want mismanaged and redistributed. Please hand our future to the Elders and ancestors that care for us; the 99%. Our Charity money and our taxes, we want, to work, this way. You KNOW how to sustain the market, work with our self selected Elders and us. This is not facism, nor communism, nor socialism, but sanity.

To the world, in good faith. Please feel free to reprint this letter and use it’s ideas.